Myanmar Build Light Tank with 105mm Cannon

27 Maret 2019`

Myanmar new light tank base on chassis of Ukrainian MT-LB tracked APC and 105mm tank gun turret of Chinese PTL-02 wheeled assault gun tank destroyer 6x6 (photo : mmmilitary)

Images published in Myanmar's online social media show what seems to be a vehicle, a tracked vehice, artillery, assault tanks or new light tanks of the Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw), which is probably the prototype car built by Myanmar in the country .

It is understood that the new light tank of the Burmese Army may be launched at the Tatmadaw Day military ceremony. The 74th anniversary of the establishment that will be held on 27 March 2019.

Tank Destroyer, Assault Gun or Light Tank of New Burmese Army vehicles that appear in the picture it seems that there should be a source of systems in various parts from the chariots that were stationed in the Burmese Army before.

The base car is likely to be based on the MT-LBMSh APC (Armored Personnel Carrier), which has been updated by Ukraine. Install the Shturm turret with weapons such as 30mm mechanical cannon and 7.62mm joint machine gun, which are assembled in Myanmar.

As for the turret cannon, the installed tank should have the same foundation as the 105mm barrel cannon mounted on the tank armored vehicle PTL-02 (WMA301) produced by Norinco Enterprises, weapons manufacturers of the People's Republic of China.

Which PTL-02 has a base installed on the WZ551 6x6 vehicle wheelbase, as well as the Type 92 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) infantry and the armored recovery wheel XJZ92 WZ531M 6x6 which is stationed in Burma Army as well.

Seen from outside the turret of the new light tank, Myanmar is equipped with a smoke bomb set. 4 appointments beside the two turrets, each side included 8 shots, as well as the PTL-02 6x6 wheeled vehicle, but not yet revealed whether or not the 12.7mm heavy machine gun will be installed on the fortress roof as well.

And in the base car, there is a 7 wheeler tracked with a size longer than the MT-LBMSh Myanmar flavor with a 6-wheeled tracked wheel with the size equivalent to the SPG 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm Russian basic tracked vehicle base truck MT-LB belt as well.

As previously reported that Ukrspecexport Agency for the management of import, export, armament Ukroboronprom the state-owned enterprise in the Ukrainian government has signed a joint venture agreement with Myanmar for the construction of a vehicle assembly plant in Myanmar.

Consists of a production line for assembling vehicles, armored vehicles, BTR-4U 8x8 APC and 2S1U self-propelled artillery tracked, the 122mm improved version of Ukraine that will open the production line in mid-2020.


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