Newly-Restored Footage Of 1953 Nuclear Tests In Nevada Show The Power Of An Atomic Bomb In High Definition

Daily Mail: Incredible newly-restored footage of 1953 nuclear tests in Nevada shows the terrifying power of an atomic bomb in high definition

* YouTuber atomcentral uploaded the video featuring restored HD footage from the Federal Civil Defense Administration's 1953 Nevada bomb tests on Tuesday
* The series of clips show the effects of nuclear blasts on random objects
* The heat from the explosions strips the paint off two old sedans and a school bus before the shock wave from the blasts blows all the automobiles away
* Another clip shows a tent bursting into flames before being obliterated

Incredible footage shows the astonishing impact of a nuclear bomb blast up close and in high definition.

Newly-restored video clips from nuclear tests conducted in Nevada more than 60 years ago shows how the terrifying power of a 15-kiloton Grable bomb blast can strip the paint off cars.

YouTuber atomcentral shared footage from the Federal Civil Defense Administration's Upshot-Knothole nuclear test series.

The experimental atomic explosions were carried out at the U.S. Department of Energy's Nevada test site in southeastern Nye County from March 17 to June 4 in 1953.

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WNU Editor: I have only met three people who witnessed what an above ground nuclear test looks like, and all three of them said the same thing to me. The flash, the huge fireball that formed, and even though they were miles away from the detonation, feeling the heat on their face and exposed skin.

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