Philippines Received Lightweight Mortars from US

07 Maret 2019

M224 60mm lightweight infantry mortar (photo : MaxDefense)

Finally, after several years of delay that resulted to adjustments in cost and quantity, the Philippine Army has received the 44 units of M224 60mm lightweight infantry mortar that it purchased through US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program and negotiated for almost 5 years.

The project was programmed and funded under the old 1995-2010 AFP Modernization Program RA7898, which is the even before Horizon 1. This project is among the most delayed, suprising since it only involves a few mortars.

Originally 44 units was to be acquired, but it was reduced to 22 units due to price escalation It was again adjusted again to 44 units with additional funds added to the original budget allocated in 2012.

In addition, the US government provided 80 undisclosed model and type of assault rifles as grants. MaxDefense would provide more info on the assault rifles once more information becomes available.


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