Pilot Reports Mystery Object Over Vegas That Is Not On Radar But Can Only Be Seen With Night Vision Goggles

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Warzone/The Drive: Air Controller Wowed By Pilot's Ability To See Mystery Object Over Las Vegas With Night Vision (Updated)

An air ambulance pilot was flying west of Las Vegas when something odd caught his night vision goggle aided eye. We have the audio of his report.

Around 9pm local time on Saturday, March 16th, 2019, an air ambulance helicopter was flying roughly 15 miles west of central Last Vegas when something odd caught his aided eye. During an exchange with an air traffic controller, the pilot of Mercy Air 21, an Agusta 119 Koala helicopter, noted spotting an unidentified object some distance from his position and only he was likely able to see it in the darkness as he was wearing night vision goggles (NVGs). The controller responded that he had nothing on radar in the area where he was seeing the object, but when he heard the pilot could only see it through his NVGs, he responded with amazement.

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WNU Editor: It could have been a malfunction in the equipment, or some other simple explanation. But considering how close this sighting was made to a number of U.S. Air Force bases and tests ranges including Area 51 (see above map), you have to wonder if the US Air Force was experimenting with some top secret stuff in the skies that night. Or it could be for the reason below. :)

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