Power Blackouts Continue In Venezuela

BBC: Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts continue as protests loom

A widespread power cut affecting much of Venezuela continued throughout Friday ahead of planned protests on Saturday.

President Nicolás Maduro and the US-backed opposition trying to oust him have blamed each other for the outage.

Hospitals struggled to cope and at least one hospital patient died when her respirator stopped working.

The power cuts, which started on Thursday, have been caused by problems at a major hydroelectric plant.

Venezuela depends on its vast hydroelectric infrastructure, rather than its oil reserves, for its domestic electricity supply. But decades of underinvestment has damaged the major dams, and sporadic blackouts are commonplace.

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WNU Editor: The internet and other communications networks are still down .... Venezuela’s power outage threatens information blackout as internet collapses (Miami Herald). There are also competing rallies today in Caracas. As for the government's response. Maduro has not been seen in public since the start of the blackout, and his defense minister is blaming the U.S. .... Venezuela blackout caused by 'US attack', defence minister claims (The Guardian).

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