Presdient Trump And These Democrat Lawmakers Have Something In Common

A coalition of Democratic lawmakers at a signing ceremony in support of Common Defense’s efforts to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Image: A.McCoy/Common Defense) Like Trump, Democratic Lawmakers Back Effort to End 'Forever Wars'

A coalition of Democratic lawmakers is backing a veteran activist organization's efforts to end the "forever wars" in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other global hot spots, and finally bring U.S. troops home.

Common Defense, a grassroots group comprised of veterans and military families that stood up after the 2016 election, has secured sponsorship from lawmakers and presidential hopefuls such as Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"American troops have been in Afghanistan for nearly 18 years, the longest war in American history," said Sanders, an independent lawmaker from Vermont.

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WNU Editor: I must admit that I am surprised that the anti-war movement in the U.S. is still very small.

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