President Eisenhower's Rational For Using Nuclear Weapons

President Eisenhower. Biography

Politico: Eisenhower defends use of nuclear weapons, March 16, 1955

In response to a question at a news conference on this day in 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower upheld the use of battlefield nuclear weapons.

Charles S. von Fremd, the White House correspondent for CBS News, noted that on the previous day, John Foster Dulles, the secretary of State, had “indicated” to reporters “that in the event of [a] general war in the Far East, we would probably make use of some tactical small atomic weapons.” He asked Eisenhower to comment.

He responded: “I wouldn't comment in the sense that I would pretend to foresee the conditions of any particular conflict in which you might engage; but we have been, as you know, active in producing various types of weapons that feature nuclear fission ever since World War II.

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WNU Editor: Rationalizing the use of battlefield tactical nuclear weapons. I hope we have evolved our thinking in the past 65 years.

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