President Trump Meets Wife Of Venezuelan Opposition Leader And Acting President Juan Guiado

Daily Mail: Russia needs to get out of Venezuela: Trump tells Putin to pull his troops out of strife-torn country as he holds surprise Oval Office meeting with the 26-year-old journalist wife of the U.S.-recognized president

President Trump said Wednesday that 'Russia needs to get out' of Venezuela as the U.S. accused the Kremlin of adding to unrest in the Latin American county.

Russian troops, military planes and equipment arrived in Venezuela over the weekend to support dictator Nicolas Maudro.

Trump dropped into a meeting with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader and acting president Juan Guiado, to assert U.S. support for her husband's bid to restore democracy.

'The people are starving, they're being killed they're being beaten,' he said, calling Maduro's refusal to accept humanitarian aid from the U.S. 'unfathomable' and cruel to the people.

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