RAAF to Retire its PC-9/A Aircraft

06 Maret 2019

Two PC-9A and PC-21 of the RAAF (photo : ADPR)

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will officially retire its PC-9/A aircraft in 2019, the Australian Department of Defence announced on 28 February.

The Roulettes undertook their final aerobatic display in the PC-9/A aircraft at the 2019 Avalon Air Show, Australia.

The Pilatus PC-9/A aircraft has been used to train aircrew from the navy, army and air force. The aircraft was introduced to the RAAF in 1987, with pilot training beginning in 1989.

The PC-9/A aircraft is being replaced by Pilatus PC-21 aircraft under the Air 5428 Pilot Training System project. The Pilatus PC-21 aircraft is an advanced turboprop trainer, and the first ADF basic pilot course started earlier in 2019. The PC-21 aircraft and its supporting training systems will modernise the RAAF’s aviation training.

Australia is planning to acquire 49 aircraft as part of Project Air 5428. The new aircraft will be based at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria and RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia in the pilot training capacity.


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