Russia Outfitting New T-14 Armata Tank With A Toilet

Russian T-14 tanks drive during rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Moscow REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Business Insider: Toilet-equipped tank: Russian engineers install latrines on state-of-the-art Armatas

* Russia is equipping its state-of-the-art T-14 Armata main battle tanks with toilets to make it easier for troops to take care of business in the field, Russian state media reported Thursday.
* The high cost of the new tanks coupled with repeated budget cuts led Russia to drastically reduce its planned order from more than two thousand to just 100 last year.
* Much like Russia's Su-57 fifth-generation stealth fighter, the Russians have put off mass production while putting greater emphasis on improving older systems.

It's hard to wage war when nature calls, so Russia is installing toilets in its troubled third-generation T-14 main battle tanks, Russian state media revealed Thursday.

The days of relieving themselves in fuel and ammo cans or hopping out to dig single-use latrines are apparently over for Russia's tank crews, at least those manning the T-14 Armata tanks, Ilya Baranov, a senior official at the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building in Yekaterinburg, told TASS News Agency.

"A major hassle for [tank crews] is that they cannot relieve their natural functions," Baranov explained, "That is, water and field rations are available in the tank, but all the other conveniences are, unfortunately, absent."

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WNU Editor: It is the little things that count.

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