Russian Car Dash Cams Are Providing A Treasure Trove Of Videos That Document Military Accidents On The Road

Warzone/The Drive: Fender Bender Russian Style Leaves Four Cars Smashed Between Two BTR-80 Armored Vehicles

This is why everyone in the country has a dash cam.

Absolutely no one likes getting in a fender bender for any reason whether you're responsible for it or not. But recently, in Russia, where everyone seems to have a dash cam for good reason, four motorists found themselves in a particularly bad situation when what might've been a minor accident left them all sandwiched in between two 15-ton BTR-80 armored personnel carriers.

Video from a dash cam and a passerby on their cellphone appeared online after the accident occurred in the city of Kursk in Western Russia on Feb. 27, 2019. Exactly what happened isn't entirely clear.

The dash cam clip comes from the first car to be caught in the incident and the footage begins with them sitting a red light at intersection. Two BTR-80s turn onto the street before the light turns green and the car drives up behind them. Additional BTR-80s, a BRDM-2, and various trucks are seen driving in the opposite direction.

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WNU Editor: A confession. My car in Canada does not have a dash-cam. My car in Moscow does .... and they are essential if you want car insurance.

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