Russian Cops Are Special

WNU Editor: Russian cops are a special breed. One experience that I will never forget happened in Saint Petersburg in the summer of 1992 or 1993. I was visiting my uncle and cousins and I had just left their apartment waiting on a busy intersection to cross the street to get my bus. Beside me was a police car (Lada model of course) with two cops inside just watching the traffic. All of a sudden a very fast BMW (he must have been doing a 100km) went through the light followed by another BMW with someone shooting at them. It lasted a few seconds and they were then gone. I was too shocked to even move. I then looked at the cops, and their expression was priceless. They had a completely normal look, and as far as they were concerned, they saw nothing. Sighhh .... after watching the above video, it looks like nothing has changed.

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