Russians are Trying to Squeeze Out Ukrainian Weapons from Indonesia

16 Maret 2019

TNI AU's Su-27 fighter (photo : TribunNews)

Comrade Petukhov strongly warns the Indonesian Marshal against placing in Ukraine orders for the repair of aircraft, including the AL-31F engines for the Su-27. Petukhov said that the certification of Ukrainian enterprises for compliance with the current technical documentation was not made.

Changes and additions to the documentation available at these enterprises, including the AL-31F engine, have not been made since 1991. It is separately emphasized that the Russian side "will not be able to bear responsibility for the operation of such aircraft."

Pavel Bukin, General Director of the Ukroboronprom Group of Companies, considers the assertion about the developer’s exclusive right to influence the maintenance of the implemented aviation technology to be dubious and confirms attempts to put pressure on Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

AL-31F engine for Su-27 fighter (photo : Censor)

“Such letters are an attempt to oust Ukraine from promising international markets,” says the head of the concern. Our country is a strong player in the market for repairing, maintaining airworthiness and modernizing aircraft, including those developed in other states. the plant "Motor" performs a contract for the repair of aircraft engines for the Indonesian Air Force. Therefore, the Russians are trying to put pressure on Ukraine’s friends and partners in Indonesia and other countries.

We have the necessary technical documentation for the maintenance and overhaul, the extension of the flight range of military aircraft of a wide model range - MiG, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Mil, Kamov. Such rights are not retroactive, and the Russian Federation has no legal basis for requiring additional licensing from Ukraine.

In matters of military aviation regulation, each country-operator establishes its own rules and makes changes to its design. A marker of its independence is the sufficiency of the scientific, technical, design and production potential. Complaints of developers or manufacturers, in this case Russian, are irrelevant.

Let me also remind you of the double standards of the Russian Federation. There, a number of steps were taken in terms of promoting the repair and modernization of the An-family aircraft in the external markets. The Russian Federation approved a general decision of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which defines the institutions responsible for the design support in the operation of Ukrainian-made aircraft."


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