Spanish Court: North Korean Embassy Attack Suspects Fled To U.S.

A Spanish National Police car is seen outside the North Korea's embassy in Madrid, Spain February 28, 2019. REUTERS/Sergio Perez/File Photo

NPR: North Korean Embassy Attack Suspects Fled To U.S., Spanish Court Says

A Spanish court says assailants who broke into North Korea's Embassy in Madrid last month later fled to the U.S.

According to new documents unsealed on Tuesday, the perpetrators of the attack included a U.S. citizen and another resident. The leader of the plot fled via Lisbon to Newark, N.J., and offered stolen material to the FBI in New York.

"We have no comment," Martin Feely, a spokesman for the FBI's New York field office, told NPR in an email.

Spain's Embassy in Washington, D.C., also declined to comment. "There is a judicial procedure underway," an embassy spokesperson said.

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