Taiwan Wants To Buy 66 F-16 Fighter Jets

Nikkei Asian Review: Taiwan to buy up to 66 F-16 fighter jets from US

Increased military ties between Taipei and Washington seen to irk Beijing

TAIPEI -- Taiwan has asked the U.S. to sell F-16 fighter jets, the Ministry of National Defense said on Wednesday night. The news could trigger a protest from Beijing, which positions Taiwan as its "core interest."

Taiwan media reported that the island will buy 66 F-16V jets. Following the reports, the ministry issued a statement saying that it had conveyed to the U.S. through diplomatic channels that it would need to buy new fighter jets to beef up its air defenses.

China has stepped up its military pressure on Taiwan since 2017, with its military flying missions around the island.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy dispatched two vessels in February to the Taiwan Strait to counter China's maritime expansion in the region.

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Update #1: Taiwan applies to buy new fighter jets from US (ABC News/AP)
Update #2: Taiwan asks US for new fighter jets to defend against China (AFP)

WNU Editor: China has yet to respond .... but I am sure they will soon.

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