Thailand Needs 36 ATMOS 2000 SPH

18 Maret 2019

ATMOS 2000 self propelled howitzer (photo : RTA)

According to Thai media, from now to 2020 the country's military needs at least 36 ATMOS 2000 complexes to serve the requirement of modernizing the artillery force.

The military has started operating the self-propelled ATMOS 2000 assembly line transferred by Israel.

The technology transfer contract and the assembly plant are signed by the two countries from 2018 and have a total value of up to 26 million USD. Under this contract, Thailand will buy another 6 ATMOS 2000 units to complement the existing self-propelled guns of the same type.

In the past, Thailand used to buy 18 self-propelled ATMOS 2000 guns but failed to master the assembly technology to be able to produce it locally.

Under the contract disclosed, Israel will provide components with the main guns, including the chassis system and the main cannon. Other sub-parts will be manufactured and manufactured by Thailand.

The ATMOS 2000 self-propelled gun is currently considered the most efficient self-propelled self-propelled gun in the world today. Not only with modern design, ATMOS 2000 is also nearly automated and fully electronic when only 4 operators are needed.

Thai media also said that the military itself said it needed a minimum of 36 2000 ATMOS complexes to meet its current needs.

The ATMOS 2000 self-propelled gun complex was born in 2001 with a maximum firing speed of up to 9 tablets per minute and currently there are about 10 countries in the world owning this self-propelled cannon.

Thailand is currently the first and only country in Southeast Asia that owns the self-propelled ATMOS 2000 produced by Israel.

What is special is that even in your home country, self-propelled artillery ATMOS 2000 is not until 2017 - that is, 16 years after its birth, it is equipped for the Israeli Army.


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