This Court Case Has Shocked Many In The U.S.

Daily Mail: 'They are making fools of all of us': Shell-shocked Mayor Emanuel demands to know why State's Attorney's office decided to drop ALL of Jussie Smollett charges DESPITE admitting he is guilty

* Rahm Emanuel went on Good Morning America on Wednesday to double down on his criticism of the case
* He said prosecutors' decision to drop the charges despite knowing Smollett is guilty 'does not add up'
* He wants all of the evidence from the case to be made public in order for people to judge for themselves
* State's Attorney Kim Foxx is accused of being 'behind the decision' to drop charges against Jussie Smollett
* Foxx recused herself from case because she exchanged texts with Smollett's family member after incident
* In the days after the attack, she tried to wrestle the case from Chicago PD and have the FBI take over
* Smollett's family were exchanging texts with her and said it would be a 'huge victory' if the FBI led the probe
* She is now facing calls for an Attorney General investigation into how she handled the Smollett investigation
* First Assistant Joe Magats stood by his decision to drop the charges and said it 'was not a whitewash'
* Smollett completed 16 hours of community service between Saturday and Monday and gave up $10,000
* Magats insists that he thought it was enough because the star is 'not a threat' and has no criminal background
* Mayor Rahm Emanuel said it was a 'whitewash' of justice that Smollett had been cleared on all 16 counts
* Smollett was facing 48 years behind bars on 16 felony charges for allegedly lying to police about the attack

The incredulous mayor of Chicago said on Wednesday that prosecutors' decision to drop all the charges against Jussie Smollett made 'fools of all of us' as he demanded answers as to why the Empire star was able to escape 'scot-free' despite the State's Attorney's office still believing he is guilty of staging a hoax hate crime.

Smollett, 36, walked out of court on Tuesday a free man after secretly completing 16 hours of community service and forfeiting $10,000 in bond.

Assistant State's Attorney Joe Magats said that even though he does not believe the star is innocent, his office had suddenly decided not to pursue charges because Smollett has a 'lack of criminal background' and was not a threat to the community.

No other explanation for the sudden about-turn has been given and critics, including the 'furious' police chief who led the investigation into the attack, are enraged that not only has Smollett's record been expunged, but a judge has sealed the case meaning none of the evidence will become public.

The Cook County courthouse has also revealed that every trace of the case has been wiped from its systems and, to clerks' surprise, no written motions were filed in court yesterday, making it as though the charges 'never existed.'

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Update #1: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says dropped Jussie Smollett charges are making 'a fool of all of us' (ABC News)
Update #2: No one knows why prosecutors dropped the Jussie Smollett case (VICE News)

WNU Editor: This is a big story in the U.S., and I suspect that there is more to it than what we currently know. As to what is my take .... a sad reflection on the U.S. legal system, and one has to wonder if he got off because of "liberal/progressive privilege".

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