This Is The Pentagon Plan To Devastate Any Russian Or Chinese Attack

An F-35C Lightning II test aircraft conducts the first separation of a Joint Standoff Weapon C from an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. (U.S. Navy via Raytheon)

Popular Mechanics: The Pentagon Is Reviving Cold War “Assault Breaker” Concept to Thwart China, Russia

DARPA wants weapons that can counterattack enemy forces and buy the U.S. time.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is researching new long-range smart weapons designed to devastate attacking enemy forces, buying time for the U.S. to send reinforcements in a hypothetical future engagement.

The program, known as “Assault Breaker II,” mirrors a Cold War era program designed to stop Soviet armored spearheads poised to roll into Western Europe. The effort would consist of a combination of long-range sensors and bombers loaded with smart weapons designed to seek out and destroy tanks, ships, and other enemy systems.

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Update: The Pentagon is reviving this hard-hitting Cold War strategy to devastate any Chinese and Russian assaults (Business Insider)

WNU Editor: It all comes down to having an arsenal of smart weapons to target against enemy forces.

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