Two Russian Air Force Planes Land In Venezuela With Troops

Reuters: Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports

CARACAS (Reuters) - Two Russian air force planes landed at Venezuela’s main airport on Saturday carrying a Russian defense official and nearly 100 troops, according to media reports, amid strengthening ties between Caracas and Moscow.

A flight-tracking website showed that two planes left from a Russian military airport bound for Caracas on Friday, and another flight-tracking site showed that one plane left Caracas on Sunday.

That comes three months after the two nations held military exercises on Venezuelan soil that President Nicolas Maduro called a sign of strengthening relations, but which Washington criticized as Russian encroachment in the region.

Reporter Javier Mayorca wrote on Twitter on Saturday that the first plane carried Vasily Tonkoshkurov, chief of staff of the ground forces, adding the second was a cargo plane carrying 35 tonnes of material.

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WNU Editor: There are already a large number of Russian military contractors in Venezuela .... Reuters Is Reporting That Russian Military Contractors Have Been Sent To Venezuela To Protect President Maduro (January 25, 2019). IMHO this public deployment is being done to reassure Venezuelan President Maduro and those who support him that Russia will protect them. I personally think this is a terrible mistake. It will only cement the impression that Maduro is in power because of Russia and Cuba, and they are only doing this to protect their economic interests and investments in the country's oil industry. It also is an indication to me that Russian intelligence has made a conclusion that the situation in Venezuela is going to get worse, and that the military is no longer a reliable force to protect the Maduro government.

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