U.K Prime Minister May Says She Will Step Down If Her Brexit Deal Is Passed

Daily Mail: I will go... AFTER Brexit: May's voice cracks as she says she WILL quit as PM on May 22 and make way for a new Tory leader - but only IF MPs back her deal and secure Britain's exit from the EU

* Theresa May addressed her MPs tonight and said she would resign as PM if they back her deal later this week
* Amid mounting pressure from Brexiteers and frustrated ministers she admitted to a need for 'new leadership'
* The PM set no date for her departure but promised she would be gone before EU trade negotiations begin
* Speaker John Bercow says the government must change May's deal to bring a third vote this week
* Jacob Rees-Mogg says Remainers will thwart referendum if deal doesn't pass by the end of this week
* He said that 'all other potential outcomes' set to be voted on in Parliament tonight are worse than this deal
* Despite May's promise to go ERG sources told MailOnline tonight the deal was still '100 per cent' set to fail

Theresa May sensationally promised to quit Downing Street in return for Tory Brexiteer rebels passing her deal tonight as she admitted her time as Prime Minister was almost over.

Mrs May made her final gamble to try and get the Brexit deal across the line by promising to leave No 10 if Tory Brexiteer rebels finally back down.

No 10 sources said the Prime Minister would resign once Britain was outside the EU - due to be May 22 if the deal gets agreed by MPs later this week. She had previously only said she would go before the 2022 election.

It is deeply unclear what Mrs May will do if her deal fails a third time and No 10 sources said it would be a 'whole different ball game'. ERG sources told MailOnline the deal would '100 per cent' still fail and Mrs May still needs to win back DUP support to have any hope.

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WNU Editor: To say that her Prime Minister-ship has been a disaster is an understatement. I will always remember her for calling an election when she did not have to, and advocating higher taxes in her election platform. Talk about alienating your base.

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