U.K. Prime Minister May’s Brexit Plans Are In Chaos With Speaker's Ruling That Her Deal Cannot Be Voted A Third Time

Reuters: May's Brexit deal in chaos as Speaker sparks 'constitutional crisis'

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans were thrown into further turmoil on Monday when the speaker of parliament ruled that she could not put her divorce deal to a new vote unless it was re-submitted in fundamentally different form.

In comments that blindsided May’s office, Speaker John Bercow said the government could not bring forward proposals for a vote in parliament that were substantially the same as had been defeated twice before, in January and last week.

Brexiteers seeking a complete break from the European Union saw a “no-deal” exit as now more likely, but the government made clear it would seek to put off Brexit beyond the March 29 departure date, if the EU approves.

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WNU Editor: That was unexpected. What's my take. This is what happens when 52% of the population votes one way in a referendum, but a majority of MPS have a different opinion. A frigging mess and the establishment doing everything possible to sabotage the results of a referendum.

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