Ukrainian President Poroshenko Promises To Regain Crimea

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko

Kyiv Post: Poroshenko promises to regain Crimea – after election

Five years after Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea began, President Petro Poroshenko has promised Kyiv will regain control of the peninsula if he is re-elected.

Speaking in an interview on March 17 with TV channel Ukraina, Poroshenko said that “Crimea will be returned to Ukraine, without haggling and behind-the-scenes agreements.”

“We will do everything for it to happen as soon as possible, immediately after the presidential election,” he said, adding that he doesn’t rule out the possibility that Ukraine will also see progress in the deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission to the Russian-occupied parts of the Donbas – also right after the election.

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Update: Poroshenko: Ukraine's most important task to ensure restoration of territorial integrity (UNIAN)

WNU Editor: It is not going to happen.

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