U.S. Approves Sale Of F-16s To Taiwan

F-16V Fighters (Image from Lockheed Martin)

Washington Free Beacon: Trump Administration Approves Sale of F-16s to Taiwan

Jet export reverses Obama, Bush appeasement of China.

The Trump administration has approved the sale of dozens of new F-16 jet fighters to Taiwan, the first major warplane sale to the island state in nearly 30 years.

The interagency decision, to be announced in the near future, authorized the sale of up to 66 F-16V jet fighters at an estimated cost of $13 billion, according to administration officials familiar with internal discussions.

The jets are among several new weapons systems, including missiles, that are part of the administration's latest arms sale to Taiwan, a key U.S. partner in the Asia Pacific region.

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WNU Editor: This is a big order. I know the sale is under review .... Taiwan could receive new F-16V jets as soon as 2020 (Taiwan News). More here .... Taiwan Mulls F-16 Viper Fighter Purchase From the US (The Diplomat). But it looks like someone has given the heads up to Bill Gertz that it is a done deal. No response from China, but once this decision is official, their response is going to be one of condemnation and threats.

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