U.S. Government Wants To Use AI To Monitor Online Behavior Of People With Top Secret Clearance

Patrick Tucker, Defense One: The US Military Is Creating the Future of Employee Monitoring

A new AI-enabled pilot project aims to sense “micro changes” in the behavior of people with top-secret clearances. If it works, it could be the future of corporate HR.

The U.S. military has the hardest job in human resources: evaluating hundreds of thousands of people for their ability to protect the nation’s secrets. Central to that task is a question at the heart of all labor relations: how do you know when to extend trust or take it away?

The office of the Defense Security Service, or DSS, believes artificial intelligence and machine learning can help. Its new pilot project aims to sift and apply massive amounts of data on people who hold or are seeking security clearances. The goal is not just to detect employees who have betrayed their trust, but to predict which ones might — allowing problems to be resolved with calm conversation rather than punishment.

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WNU Editor: I concur that this is the future of human resources. It could be used for monitoring those with top security clearances, but also employees who work (or want to work) for companies not affiliated with the government.

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