U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Democrat Schiff Is Still Convinced That Russia Colluded With President Trump

Newsweek: Watch: Adam Schiff Lists All the Ways He Says Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia, Shuts Off Republican's Mic

During a public hearing on Thursday, House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff presented all of the ways that members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle colluded with the Russians both during and after the 2016 presidential campaign.

The hearing was held less than one week after special counsel Robert Mueller issued a report on potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The report has not yet been given to Congress, but Attorney General William Barr presented a four-page summary of the report that noted that the special counsel does not plan to issue any further indictments. Nevertheless, Schiff said Thursday that the evidence collected by the special counsel’s office demonstrated that President Donald Trump and his associates had behaved in a way that was unethical, corrupt, and unpatriotic.

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WNU Editor: Republicans are now calling for the resignation of Chairman Adam Schiff .... House intelligence Republicans call on Chairman Adam Schiff to resign (CNN).What's my take. Considering the fact that Attorney General William Barr four-page summary of the Mueller report repudiates everything that congressman Adam Schiff has been saying for two years, his response would be to acknowledge the report, or ignore it. He has made the decision to ignore it.

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