U.S. Is Searching For Iranian Oil 'Ghost Tankers'

The Iran Delvar, an Iranian Oil Tanker.

OilPrice.com: U.S. On The Hunt For Iranian “Ghost Tankers”

When Washington announced the return of economic sanctions against Iran, the main idea was pretty clear: cut exports of vital oil to zero to paralyze the economy and prompt a change in government. Waivers followed, however, as well as reports that, despite the sanctions, Iran was shipping more oil abroad than the amounts allowed under the waivers.

Oil data provider TankerTrackers.com first reported last year that Iranian tankers were turning off their transponders to hide the destination of their journeys. At the time, most tanker tracking data came precisely from transponders and port authorities, which made most Iranian tanker movement reports unreliable. This, in turn, contributed to the October-December oil price drop when it emerged that Iran was shipping more crude abroad than previously believed.

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Update #1: Exclusive: US Vows to Pursue Ship Owners Who Violate Iran Oil Sanctions (VOA)
Update #2: U.S. warns it can act against people helping Iran evade energy sanctions (Reuters)

WNU Editor: Iran also needs oil tankers to replace its aging fleet .... Iran's oil tanker fleet being squeezed as sanctions bite (Reuters). More here .... Iran’s Secret Oil Tanker Mission (OilPrice.com). But even with these limitations, it looks like Iran is still beating sanctions .... Exclusive: How Iran fuel oil exports beat U.S. sanctions in tanker odyssey to Asia (Reuters).

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