U.S. Marines Practice Seizing Small Islands In The Event Of War With China

Marines pilot a Combat Rubber Raiding Craft during a simulated boat raid

Daily Mail: U.S. Marines are practicing seizing small islands using techniques learned in World War II as a possible conflict with China looms in the Pacific

* US Marines recently led a simulated assault on a small island in the Pacific, honing skills that could be essential in a fight with China
* The exercise involved the Army and Air Force, part of the Corps' efforts to refine the Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations concept
* The mission simulated the process of securing advanced footholds for follow-on forces to conduct further military operations, with rapid redeployment
* Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that the ability to seize advanced bases would be critical in a war with China

The U.S. military is practicing tactics that it last rehearsed more than 70 years ago in preparation for a possibly conflict with China.

It was during World War II that U.S. Marines moved quickly from island to island as they fought bloody battles again Japanese forces who were determined to dominate the Pacific.

The Marine Corps is now re-examining its island-hopping strategy for today's troops, as a possible conflict with China draws ever-closer.

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