Venezuela's Power Blackout Enters Its Second Day

Reuters: Venezuela shuts schools, businesses as blackout enters second day

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela shut schools and suspended working hours on Friday after the capital Caracas and other major cities awoke without electricity for a second day due to a problem that struck the South American country’s main hydroelectric plant.

Much of Venezuela had no electricity since Thursday afternoon due to problems at the Guri dam plant, in a long blackout that affected the telephone network and the metro service in Caracas.

President Nicolas Maduro “has suspended classes and the working day today in order to facilitate the efforts for the recovery of electric service in the country,” wrote Vice President Delcy Rodríguez on her Twitter account.

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WNU Editor: Internet and phone services have also been disrupted. And food-stocks being spoiled .... a frightful possibility. It is also an ominous sign that they have not restored power by now. A major transmission line can be quickly replaced and power restored. But if the problem is at this massive power plant .... I can only imagine what the worse case scenario must look like. Bottom line. If this continues for a few more days, the push against the Maduro government will intensify to a level not seen since the start of the protest movement against his regime. Even Maduro's supporters need electricity to survive.

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