Vietnam Launches 2 New High-Speed Ships

08 Maret 2019

Launching the SPa ship 4207 (photos : QDND)

In the morning of March 7, Song Thu Corporation organized the launching of two Spa speedboats 4207 No. 3 and No. 4 for the Border Guard Command.

According to baochinhphu, two Spa boats 4207 built and launched by Song Thu Corporation are modern high-speed patrol boats with the best design for coastal patrol and protection; Search and rescue rescue and maritime safety.

Ships are built according to international standards, equipment is arranged reasonably to help save operating costs, easy maintenance and war-technical features in accordance with the task requirements, equipment of force Vietnam Border Guards. The ship has an overall length of 42.81 m; overall width of 7.11 m; speed 25.5 knots.

During the construction process, Leaders, Board of Directors of Song Thu Corporation encouraged staff, engineers and technical staff to promote their responsibilities, contribute technical initiatives, especially to implement strictly follow the technical process and ensure absolute safety in labor.

After launching 2 Spa ships, Song Thu Corporation continues to complete the remaining items, train crew and hand over 2 ships as planned. The successful launch of 2 Spa ships this time will increase the total number of ships of this type by the new Song Thu Corporation to hand over to the Border Guard Command 4 units.

Song Thu Corporation under the General Department of Defense Industry is currently working closely with the Dutch Damen Group to receive advanced shipbuilding design and technology.

The strong rise of the staff and engineers, along with the investment in appropriate facilities and equipment, has helped Song Thu Corporation in the past few years to build 60 modern ships. great value for national security and export to 20 countries around the world.

Here are some typical categories such as the DN 2000 multi-purpose patrol vessel for the needs of the Coast Guard and the Fishery, the patrol ship Stan Patrol (SPa) 4207 for the border guards or the ship supply of FSC 5009 seafarers for export to many foreign partners.


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