Washington Post: Group Plotting Kim Jong-un’s Overthrow Responsible For Raiding The North Korean Embassy In Spain Last Month

A journalist from South Korea stands outside the North Korean embassy in Madrid, Spain, on February 28, 2019. Photo: Reuters/Sergio Perez

SCMP/Washington Post: Shadowy group plotting Kim Jong-un’s overthrow raided a North Korean embassy in broad daylight

* Masked assailants infiltrated compound in Madrid, Spain, tied staff up with rope, stole computers and phones, and fled in two luxury vehicles
* Experts say devices seized are a treasure trove of information that foreign intelligence agencies are likely to seek out

Days before US President Donald Trump was set to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam, a mysterious incident in Spain threatened to derail the entire high-stakes nuclear summit.

In broad daylight, masked assailants infiltrated North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, restrained the staff with rope, stole computers and mobile phones, and fled in two luxury vehicles.

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Update #1: Group seeking to overthrow Kim behind North Korea embassy raid in Spain: Washington Post (Reuters)
Update #2: Dissident group unrelated to CIA: WaPo pitches new version of N. Korea Embassy break-in (RT)

WNU Editor: Spanish media is saying that it is the CIA who were responsible for last month's break-in .... Spanish Media: Two Members With Links To The CIA Broke Into The North Korean Embassy In Madrid (March 13, 2019).

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