White House Moves To Secure Funding for Developing Hypersonic Weapons

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RT: Pentagon plans to spend $2.6 billion on developing hypersonic weaponry

The US defense budget proposal for FY 2020 boasts a record-breaking research and development request, as the Pentagon seeks to get its hands on all the shiny new things, such as artificial intelligence and hypersonic weaponry.

The US Department of Defense has rolled out the proposal for its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Pentagon needs even more funds compared to the massive $716 billion budget in 2019 and now wants it to grow by some five percent – to a whopping $750 billion.

A significant part of the funding is needed to run multiple research and development programs, as the US military is keen to get new weapons and technologies – such as hypersonic missiles, already successfully tested by Russia and China.

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WNU Editor: It appears the U.S. is playing catch-up .... Panel: China Leading the World in Hypersonic Weapon Development (USNI News).

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