World News Briefs -- March 27, 2019

The Guardian: Cyclone Idai crisis deepens as first cases of cholera confirmed in Mozambique

Five people test positive for waterborne disease in flooded port city of Beira amid warnings outbreak will spread

The first cases of cholera have been reported in the cyclone-ravaged Mozambican city of Beira, complicating an already massive and complex emergency in the southern African country.

The announcement of five cases of the waterborne disease follows days of mounting fears that cholera and other diseases could break out in the squalid conditions in which tens of thousands have been living since Cyclone Idai struck on 14 March, killing at least 700 people across the region.

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Israel airstrikes, Gaza rockets follow day of calm.

Syria requests urgent UN Security Council meeting on Golan.

Hezbollah chief urges 'resistance' over US Golan move.

NGO: Airstrike on Yemen hospital kills 7.

Yemen's healthcare system among war's wreckage.

Mosul ferry sinking: Iraq orders arrest of ex-governor.

Turkey elections: Thousands of observers to oversee local vote.


Joint US-Afghan operation leaves Taliban fighters, civilians dead.

US efforts to rebuild Afghanistan beset by 'theft and abuse from security forces'.

Kim Jong Un attends 'historic' military meeting, state media says.

North Korean state TV gets another makeover.

China and Russia claim thousands of North Korean workers sent home.

China defends Tibet policy ahead of Dalai Lama exile anniversary.

China expels ex-Interpol chief from Communist Party.


10 civilians killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Niger town.

Comoros' president wins 'sham' election.

UN appeals for $184 million for Cameroon displaced.

Mali 'spiral of violence must stop immediately'.

Cholera outbreaks reported in Mozambique.

Mozambique: One million people without aid after cyclone.

Refugees 'dying in camp in Libya'.


Unrest in Ukraine as nation prepares to elect new leader.

UK parliament holds 'indicative votes' on Brexit.

Cyprus Backstop? Ireland is not the only island with Brexit muddle.

Luxembourg court delivers setback to 9/11 families' Iran claims.

EU 'to suspend ship patrols' on Mediterranean migrant mission.

Switzerland indicts Liberian over war crimes.

Spanish prosecutor to investigate Catalan leader for disobedience.


Trump signs executive order on protecting US from potential EMP attacks.

Number of migrants trying to cross US-Mexico border could hit 1M in 2019: report.

Trump: 'Russia has to get out' of Venezuela.

Russia defends troops in Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accuses US of financing mercenary ‘plot’ to assassinate him.

Venezuela hit by fourth massive blackout in less than three weeks.

Camps open in Colombia for Venezuelans fleeing crisis.

Anger after Bolsonaro calls for Brazil army to mark 1964 coup.

Canadian police find kidnapped Chinese student Wanzhen Lu after three-day search.


Pentagon sustains budget for arming local anti-IS forces amid US pullout.

Terror suspect arrested in Austria for damaging German trains.

'Dirty secrets' of prison torture hinders trial of accused Bali-bombing chief Hambali, says US lawyer.


Boeing holds test flights for 737 MAX fix: sources.

Energy demand grew in 2018 at fastest pace in decade.

China, France sign US$45 billion of deals including Airbus order.

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