World News Briefs -- March 6, 2019 (Evening Edition)

Al Jazeera: Hundreds of ISIL fighters surrender in Syria's Baghouz: SDF

US-backed SDF says hundreds of ISIL fighters are captured or surrendered while fleeing armed group's last enclave.

US-backed Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria have captured 400 ISIL fighters who were trying to escape the armed group's last enclave in Deir Az Zor, according to a military commander for the group.

A senior commander for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) also said on Wednesday that hundreds more Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) fighters surrendered from the last shred of territory they control in the village of Baghouz.

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US and European arms used to attack Yemeni civilians: Report.

Dying IS 'caliphate' empties itself of last survivors.

Syria force nets 400 jihadists trying to flee enclave.

Turkey says it will stage raids with Iran against Kurdish rebels.

Yazidis demand Iraq actively search for their missing persons.

Iraq tortured alleged IS children to coerce confessions: Human Rights Watch.

Jordan jails 2 over attempt to attack Israeli forces.

Israel brands Hamas TV channel terrorist organisation.

EU court upholds freeze on Hamas funds.

Guardian: Rumours of rift between Saudi King Salman and MBS.

Iranian hackers caused losses in hundreds of millions: report.


Trump warns Kim over 'rebuilding' of NKorea rocket site. Trump would be 'very disappointed' in Kim if North Korea rebuilding rocket site.

UN: "divisive policies" in India could hurt economic growth.

India says Pakistan violated cease-fire with new attacks.

Chinese envoy in Islamabad as Beijing tries to mediate in Pakistan-India crisis.

China tells US to mind its own business after Italy is warned not to join Belt and Road Initiative.

Russia, North Korea 'struggling' with sanctions, Moscow official says.

UN: North Korea's food harvest lowest in a decade.

16 dead in attack on Afghan construction company.

No blind trust in Taliban talks: John Bolton.

China denies block on Canadian canola firm is retaliation for Sabrina Meng Wanzhou case.

China says it will ensure foreign companies’ tech secrets are protected.


Zimbabwe says US renewal of sanctions 'regrettable'.

DR Congo election runner-up refuses to take seat as MP.

Algeria police brace for further anti-Bouteflika demos.

US and EU back Algeria protests.

Cameroon opposition leader's detention 'not political': government.

Tunisia sets dates for autumn elections.

Nairobi airport strike turns violent; flights halted.

South Sudan's President calls for no revenge attacks.

Nigeria struggles to rescue 20,000 girls from Mali sex trade.


France unveils new tax for global internet giants.

EU says talks with UK ‘difficult’ as Brexit impasse drags on.

Brexit in 23 days: EU says still 'no solution' in negotiations.

EU declares migration crisis over as it hits out at 'fake news'.

NATO seeks to bolster Ukraine defences amid 'Russian aggression'.

Germany warns of travel to Turkey after minister threatens 'terrorists,' 'traitors'.

Putin: Russia foiled work of almost 600 spies.

Russia passes law to jail people for 15 days for 'disrespecting' government.

France Chiolo stabbing: Guards protest after jail 'terror attack'.


Trump says U.S. negotiating on release of hostages abroad.

Democrats bar Fox News from televising debates after reported Trump ties.

US Border Patrol: 300 percent spike in family apprehensions creates 'humanitarian crisis.

Nielsen defends Trump's border emergency declaration.

Ready to inhale: Democratic 2020 contenders embrace marijuana legalization.

U.S. budget deficit widens 77 percent.

Venezuela orders German ambassador to leave.

Former Trudeau aide at centre of scandal denies he pressured ex-minister.

Brazil leader Jair Bolsonaro criticised over obscene video on Twitter.


Trump ends requirement that CIA report drone strike casualties.

EU court rejects Hamas appeal to delist terrorist status.

IS-linked children detained in Iraq ‘being tortured’ - HRW.

Man who plotted truck attack on London's Oxford St jailed for life.


Health companies lead US stocks their 3rd loss in a row.

US trade deficit surges to 10-year high; a record gap with China.

Report: Asia leads world in making billionaires.

Saudi app used to track women 'not against' Google rules.

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