Allied World War II Bomb Detonated in Germany Causes Widespread Damage

The bomb - seen in the lower left - was uncovered during construction work

BBC: WW2 bomb blown up in Germany after evacuation

A 250kg (550lb) World War Two bomb caused damage in a German city when it exploded on Wednesday under controlled circumstances.

It was discovered in the southern city of Regensburg during construction work.

The bomb could not be transported or defused, experts found. So they instead evacuated some 4,500 people in a 1.5km (one mile) radius.

Despite the planned explosion, nearby buildings were damaged in the blast, their windows shattering.

Unexploded bombs from the war are not uncommon in Germany, which was heavily bombed by Britain and, later, the US.

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Update: U.S. World War II Bomb Detonated in Germany Causes Widespread Damage (Time/AP)

WNU Editor: This is a huge problem in my mother's home town of Vyazma, 60 kilometers west of Moscow. This is where the German Army was stopped in their drive to Moscow, and the leftover ordinances still pose a huge problem for construction and development projects. In one project that I know of the construction crew uncovered a cache of hundreds of artillery shells that were left behind and forgotten until they were accidentally uncovered by an excavator. Bottom line. This is going to be a persistent problem until the next century.

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