Another Liberal Provincial Government Defeated At The Polls In Canada. More Signs That Prime Minister Trudeau Is Facing A Tough Re-Election Campaign Later This Year

CTV: P.E.I. Tories win minority government, with Green opposition

The Progressive Conservatives won a minority government in Tuesday's P.E.I. election, with a Green official opposition.

The incumbent Liberals were reduced to third place, with Premier Wade MacLauchlan going down to defeat in his own district of Stanhope-Marshfield.

CHARLOTTETOWN -- Voters in P.E.I. have shed their century-old embrace of the Island's two-party system by electing a Tory minority government, bringing a dramatic conclusion to a tight electoral race that saw the upstart Green party secure a firm foothold in the legislature.

Two hours after the polls closed Tuesday, the Tories were leading and elected in 12 ridings, the Greens were in second with nine and the incumbent Liberals, led by Premier Wade MacLauchlan, were in third with five.

MacLauchlan failed to win his seat.

"It's something that happens in politics," he told reporters. "The tide has changed."

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Update #1: CBC News projects PC minority government in P.E.I. (CBC)
Update #2: Prince Edward Island election results: voters elect PC minority (Global News)

WNU editor: I live in Canada, so I follow politics very closely here. For the past week the media has been telling everyone that the Greens were leading in the polls, and they were on their way to become the first Green Provincial government ever elected in Canada. Many were even hinting that it could be historic. With the results now official, the following conclusions can now be made. The polls, the media, and the pundits were completely wrong. Again. The final results are here. This election is another defeat for the Liberal brand, and an ominous sign for Prime Minister Trudeau. In the last election Prime Minister Trudeau won every riding in the Atlantic provinces. That is clearly not going to happen when Canadians go to the polls later this year.

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