Are There Enough Votes In The U.S. Congress To Impeace President Trump AND In The U.S. Senate To Convict Him?

Alexander Drago / Reuters

NPR: More Democrats Call For Impeachment Proceedings Against President Trump

A growing number of Democrats running for President in 2020 say the House of Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

The latest is Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, who declared his candidacy Tuesday, and in an interview on NPR's Morning Edition, said "we absolutely should be having this debate."

Moulton said he was ready to begin impeachment proceedings last year. "Don't tell me there's not enough to debate impeaching the President," Moulton said, accusing Trump of obstructing justice, violating campaign finance laws and profiting from office, in violation of the constitution's emoluments clause.

"He is subject to the same laws as the rest of us are and that's why we should move forward with this debate."

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WNU Editor: For impeachment in the House of Representatives and a conviction in the U.S. Senate to succeed, a majority of Republicans must go along. I have no doubts that a majority of Democrats will vote to impeach the President, regardless of the charges that are levied. They are hungry to do it, and their progressive base is aggressively pushing for it. The real question is what will the Republicans do. I personally believe that unlike the Republican base that are overwhelmingly supportive of the President, the Republican establishment and many of its elected members will support convicting the President. This commentary from a "Republican insider" probably sums up what many of them are thinking .... The Mueller Report Was My Tipping Point (The Atlantic). But will they do it in a public forum where their vote is known .... no. The blow-back from the Republican base will be massive and unforgiving. But if it is a secret vote ....  I predict that it will be close.  Interestingly .... a voice vote can be done in the Senate on convicting a President. So how do you determine if a voice vote is over two-thirds of the vote?

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