Beijing Says Washington's Military Sales To Taiwan Has Damaged Sino-U.S. Relations

Taiwan is holding its annual military exercise this week. Photo: Reuters

SCMP: Beijing says Washington’s US$500 million arms sale to Taiwan ‘damaged Sino-US relations’

* Defence ministry hits out as Taipei conducts its annual military exercise in preparation for possible strike by PLA
* Beijing says it ‘resolutely opposes any countries selling weapons to Taiwan’

Beijing has accused Washington of violating the one-China principle with its recent sale of a US$500 million military package to Taiwan, saying the act seriously hurt relations between the two countries and jeopardised stability in the Taiwan Strait.

“The Chinese side resolutely opposes any countries selling weapons to Taiwan,” the defence ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, while repeating its position that it regards the self-ruled island as an inalienable part of the mainland and its need to uphold its territorial integrity.

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WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. I do not see U.S. - Chinese relations improving any time soon. I see it getting worse, and the dispute over Taiwan is just one of many differences where both sides have no common ground for reconciliation.

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