This is coolbert:

All courtesy here Associated Press.

Literally overnight this has become an international news story!!

Dog's of war? No beluga whale of war? Russian style?

"Beluga whale with Russian harness raises alarm in Norway"

Captured! Dangerous enemy foe heavily armed with a Go-Pro type "action" camera?

"A beluga whale seen as it swims next to a fishing boat before Norwegian fishermen removed the tight harness, swimming off the northern Norwegian coast Friday, April 26, 2019. The harness strap which features a mount for an action camera, says 'Equipment St. Petersburg' which has prompted speculation that the animal may have escaped from a Russian military facility."

Trained beluga whale with a military mission. Photographic intelligence mission using the GO-PRO type "action" camera or what?

Pilot whales by reputation make the best of the oceanic mammals as can be trained for a military mission? Beluga proficient too? Hi IQ, trainable and all that. Respond well to commands and answers when called? Also it is rumored the oceanic mammals to a degree have a mind of their own and when given the chance will go free and "escape" from their military handlers..


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