Besides Russia, Both China And Iran Want A Mediterranean Port In Syria

Newsweek: Russia Not Alone in Syria’s West, China and Iran Are Also Moving in Near Sea

Russia looks set to expand its presence on Syria's west coast, with rumors of an imminent signing of a near-quarter-century lease on a lucrative seaport, but other major players were also moving in on the war-torn Mediterranean country.

Russia's air and sea assets are already based in two leased military facilities in the coastal provinces of Tartus and Latakia, which have played a crucial role in helping the Syrian government retake large parts of the country seized by a 2011 rebel and jihadi uprising. Over the weekend, senior Moscow diplomats and defense officials traveled to Damascus to hold talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in hopes of advancing the formation of a constitutional committee that may end his country's eight-year civil war and kickstart economic cooperation intended to capitalize on its reconstruction.

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WNU Editor: I can understand China's interest. They want to build trade routes and Syria is ideally located. As for Iran, that relationship is complicated .... The Syrians Don’t and Won’t Toe the Iranian Line: Explaining a Most Curious Alliance (Kamal Alam, War On The Rocks), but it appears that Iran will get their port on the Mediterranean .... The Islamist threat pushes closer to Europe. (The Trumpet).

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