Canada's Air Force Is Falling Apart

The change of government will likely see Canada pull out of the F-35 joint Strike Fighter Program, driving up costs for other countries. Above, a Canadian airman has his picture taken beside an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter before the start of a news conference in Ottawa in 2010. Reuters/Chris Wattie

David Axe, National Interest: F-35 or Not: This Country Needs 88 New Fighter Jets Before Its Air Force Falls Apart

Check out the contenders.

Canada for the third time in a decade is trying to replace its aging F/A-18A/B Hornet fighter jets. With every year the acquisition effort drags on, the condition of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s fast-jet fleet grows direr.

“The politically-charged competition to replace Canada's aging fleet of fighter jets will rocket forward at the end of May [2019] as the federal government releases a long-anticipated, full-fledged tender call,” Murray Brewster reported for CBC News.

Four companies are vying for the multibillion-dollar contract for as many as 88 fighters that would replace the RCAF’s 1980s-vintage Hornets, which in Canadian service are designated “CF-18.”

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WNU Editor: The process to choose the next fighter jet begins next month .... Canada's fighter jet tender competition (finally) takes off next month (CBC).

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