China Coniotnues To Destroy Historical Muslim Sites

Business Insider: Before-and-after photos show how China is destroying historical sites to monitor and intimidate its Muslim minority

* China is waging an unprecedented crackdown on a Muslim minority called the Uighurs, who live in the country's western frontier region, Xinjiang.
* Muslims have for centuries settled in the region, sometimes referred to as East Turkestan.
* As part of its crackdown, which has seen the installation of facial-recognition cameras and seemingly arbitrary detentions, China's government has also destroyed traditional Uighur architecture including mosques and large parts of an ancient city called Kashgar.
* Before-and-after images show the extent of some of the destruction of these historical locations.

China is installing a 21st-century police state in its western frontier of Xinjiang, which is home to the Uighurs, a majority-Muslim ethnic minority.

It involves installing hundreds of thousands of facial recognition cameras, making Uighurs download software on their phones, and holding at least 1 million Muslims in prison-like detention centers.

Beijing is waging this crackdown partly because it sees Uighurs as a national security threat, and has tried to stoke Islamophobia to justify its controversial policies in the region.

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WNU Editor: This story deserves far more coverage than what it has been receiving.

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