Chinese Warships Can Shoot Farther Than The U.S. Navy recently has released a series of photos that truly reflect the image of Chinese military and soldiers. Among which, the series of battle ship firing drill has won the most applause. Let's all take a look at these striking firing moments.(Photo/

Business Insider: China has an advantage over the US Navy that could mean a 'decisive' defeat for US warships in a fight at sea

* In the maritime battlespace, Chinese warships have an advantage over US Navy vessels that could prove "decisive" in a conflict.
* While the US has China outgunned, having greater capacity than the Chinese, China's naval forces have greater range.
* Were China to initiate hostilities from a safe distance, its clear range advantage could render the US Navy's capacity advantage irrelevant.

Chinese warships can shoot farther than the US Navy, an ability that could prove "decisive" in a naval conflict, experts argue.

China is arming its surface warships with supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles with far greater range than the Cold War-era subsonic missiles the US Navy has in its arsenal.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's advanced Type 052 and Type 055 destroyers carry YJ-18 cruise missiles with an operational range that extends out to 540 kilometers.

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WNU Editor: If true, the U.S.Navy would be at a great disadvantage.

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