Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- April 25, 2019

Photo Credit: Xinhua via SCMP

Suzanne Maloney, Lawfare: As Trump Moves to Cut Off Iran’s Oil Revenues, What’s His Endgame?

Maximum pressure, meet minimum patience. The Trump administration took another dramatic step toward disrupting the status quo in and on Iran with the abrupt halt of all waivers for U.S. sanctions targeting Iranian oil exports. The decision places Washington on a collision course with China, India, and Turkey—whose continuing crude imports from Iran would be subject to U.S. penalties after May 2—and appears designed to push Iran’s leadership to the brink.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- April 25, 2019

Trump Doesn’t Want a “Better” Deal With Iran -- Fred Kaplan, Slate

Kim Jong Un's 'long yet necessary road' toward reaffirming alliances -- Soo Kim, The Hill

Kim-Putin summit proves anti-climactic -- Andrew Salmon, Asia Times

What Russia thinks about North Korea’s nuclear weapons -- Anastasia Barannikova, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

A U.S. Alliance with North Korea? -- Leon V. Sigal, National Interest

Power Problems: China Wants to Control the North Korea Conundrum --

Chinese Navy’s anniversary carried a complex message -- SCMP editorial

China and India look to cooperate despite belt and road disagreements -- Ananth Krishnan, SCMP

The U.S. Can’t Make Allies Take Sides Over China -- Michael Schuman, SCMP

What do we know about the Sri Lanka attackers? -- Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian

Nearly 27 Years After Hindu Mob Destroyed A Mosque, The Scars In India Remain Deep -- Lauren Frayer, NPR

The Arab Spring’s Second Chance -- Ishac Diwan, Project syndicate

The 10 African strongmen who left power since 2011 -- France 24

In Armenian Holocaust, Echoes of Genocides Past and Future -- Carl M. Cannon, RCP

Facebook's luck may soon run out -- Daniel Howley, Yahoo

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