Details Of New Chinese Aircraft Carrier Revealed In Sea Trial Footage

SCMP: Details of new Chinese aircraft carrier revealed in sea trial footage aired on state TV

* Report shows operators standing on the bridge, technicians at control panels and the ski-jump flight deck without any aircraft on board
* Home-grown warship is not expected to join fleet review marking PLA Navy’s 70th anniversary on Tuesday

China’s state broadcaster has aired footage of the country’s new aircraft carrier, revealing details for the first time of the home-grown warship’s interior.

While the new aircraft carrier is not expected to take part in a fleet review marking the PLA Navy’s 70th anniversary on Tuesday, a CCTV report has offered a rare glimpse of the vessel in footage taken during its most recent sea trial.

The naval parade will include 32 Chinese warships – including its first and only operational aircraft carrier the Liaoning – and 20 foreign vessels from 10 countries, deputy naval commander Qiu Yanpeng said on Saturday.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese Navy is doing a little bragging.

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