F-15EX vs. F-35A

David Axe, National Interest: F-15EX Eagle Fighter Jet vs. Lockheed's F-35: Let the Showdown Begin

A Russian-made S-400 air-defense system could detect an F-35 at 20 miles, Air Force estimated. It could pick up an F-15EX 200 miles away.

The debate continues over the Pentagon’s proposal to buy new F-15EX Eagle fighters from Boeing to complement Lockheed Martin-made F-35 stealth fighters.

As lawmakers weigh the military’s request, Air Force magazine has published an infographic comparing the two fighters.

Both fighters cost roughly $80 million apiece, according to Air Force. But the similarity ends there. The F-35 is stealthier but the F-15 flies higher, farther and faster and carries more weaponry.

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WNU Editor: The Air Force Magazine's article is here .... F-15EX vs. F-35A. The full-sized info-graphic that compares the two jets can be viewed here.

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