Former CIA Director And Now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "I Was The CIA Director - We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole

Zero Hedge: "I Was The CIA Director - We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole"

Former CIA director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has long accused WikiLeaks of being a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”, usually manipulated by Russia. Since Pompeo first made this claim as CIA Director in April 2017, countless major US news sources from NPR to CNN to the Washington Post have uncritically repeated the line, smearing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as "Russian agents," and more broadly using the narrative to stifle independent journalism and government whistleblowers.

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WNU Editor:  That is a rare admission. Pompeo's full Q&A remarks at Texas A&M last week can be seen below.

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