Inside The Cockpit Of A B-2 Stealth Bomber

Business Insider: New video offers a first-ever look inside the cockpit of the legendary B-2 stealth bomber

* The B-2 Spirit bomber is a multi-role stealth bomber able to penetrate sophisticated enemy defenses to strike targets with conventional and nuclear payloads.
* For the first time in the 30-year history of the B-2 program, the US Air Force has allowed a civilian journalist to record a flight from inside the cockpit of one of these powerful bombers.

A new video offers a look at the inside of the B-2 Spirit bomber for the first time in the three-decade history of one of America's most secretive aerial weapons.

The US Air Force allowed a civilian journalist to board a B-2 stealth bomber and record the flight from inside the cockpit, capturing exclusive footage of one of the service's most closely-guarded secrets.

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