Is The U.S. Far Behind China And Russia In Modernizing It's Nuclear Arsenal?

An unarmed Trident II D5 missile launches from the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) off the coast of California in 2008. US Navy Photo

USNI News: Official: U.S. Far Behind China, Russia in Modernizing Nuclear Arsenal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – China and Russia had their money on winning asymmetric advantages in conventional and nuclear forces in the last decade, and now the United States is playing catch-up in modernizing its sea, air and land nuclear forces, the Pentagon’s top policy official said Wednesday.

David Trachtenberg, the Pentagon’s deputy undersecretary for policy, said the United States put off modernizing the three legs of its nuclear deterrent for almost 20 years, he told USNI News following a presentation at the Brookings Institution.

“In the 2000s, we skipped a generation” in modernizing the triad – ballistic missile submarines, bombers and ballistic missiles. He added that the United Kingdom and France, both nuclear powers and NATO allies, reduced their weapons stockpiles while continuing to modernize their nuclear forces during that same time. The United Kingdom has sea-based ballistic missile submarines; France has both submarines and aircraft capable of delivery of nuclear weapons.

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WNU Editor: I am skeptical that the U.S. is behind China and Russia when it comes to nuclear weapons, but skepticism aside, the U.S. is definitely boosting their budget to modernize its nuclear weapons .... Here’s how many billions the US will spend on nuclear weapons over the next decade (Defense News).

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