Kaplan MT Tank Displayed with New Active Protection System at IDEF 2019

01 Mei 2019

Kaplan MT/Harimau with PULAT Active Protection System (photo : FNSS)

To defend against the evolving threats in the battlefield, the KAPLAN MT medium-weight class tank, developed jointly by the Turkish manufacturer of wheeled and tracked armoured combat vehicles, as well as combat engineering vehicles, turrets and sustainability solutions, FNSS and the Indonesian company PT Pindad, is being equipped with Aselsan’s PULAT Active Protection System (APS). KAPLAN MT equipped with PULAT is displayed at IDEF 2019 for the first time.

In today’s modern battlefield, the types of threats against tanks are increasing, particularly in urban combat operations, where the use of APS is becoming a necessity due to the diversification of weapons used and application of new tactics. Enjoying the highest level of anti-mine and ballistic protection of its class, according to FNSS, KAPLAN MT is getting ready against these kind of emerging threats with Aselsan's PULAT.

The PULAT system was developed jointly by Aselsan and TÜBİTAK Sage, initially as a solution preferred by the Turkish Armed Forces for M60T tanks. PULAT consists of modules that contain a detection radar for sensing threats and a countermeasure projectile. The modules are placed around the vehicle in a way that ensures all-round protection. The power distribution unit and control panel are located inside the tank. When the system becomes activated, it functions autonomously without the need for user input. During data collection and system performance tests, PULAT was fired hundreds of times, and completed all of the tests successfully.

Emphasising KAPLAN MT’s ability to adapt and expand, K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, said prior to IDEF: “For a land platform to stay up-to-date during its entire life cycle, it is necessary to integrate various new sub-systems over time. As we have competed so many modernisation and overhaul projects, we know very well how these integrations can be challenging. Like in all of our vehicles, we have developed KAPLAN MT in a way that is open for future modernisation and overhaul. The integration of PULAT Active Protection System has become the first concrete example of this perspective, and I can say with great pleasure that we have had a quite straightforward and successful integration process. With PULAT, KAPLAN MT has taken its survivability to even a higher level.”


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