Krasmach 2.

This is coolbert:

Vlad rest assured. All is well. More hot red high priority traffic. Missiles OK.

See previous blog entry. Sarmat and Sineva the production of which is not impaired.

Refrigerators gone YES, missiles NO! At least according to Russian Times [RT].

"Massive fire engulfs fridge factory at ballistic missile plant in Siberia (VIDEO)"

"Plumes of thick black smoke rose hundreds of meters into the air as a huge fire broke out at the Krasnoyarsk plant, which makes Sarmat and Sineva ballistic missiles for the Russian military.
Despite the apocalyptic pictures from the site, the Krasmash administration made assurances that the blaze was no threat to missile production facilities."

"The fire occurred at a refrigerator-making factory, which is also located on the premises. A roof of a warehouse that stores ice-boxes, before they are shipped to customers, collapsed. There were reportedly 5,000 refrigerators inside."

Vlad happy. The General Staff happy. The Russian housewife not.happy. такова жизнь!


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